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Passport Photo At Walgreens Near You

If you’re in a pinch and need to secure your passport photos quickly, Walgreens offers a service that might suit your needs. However, it’s essential to approach with caution. While Walgreens may be conveniently located, not all Walgreens offer passport photo services. Additionally, Walgreens does not offer any assistance with the crucial passport paperwork or instructions. This leaves you to navigate these important steps on your own. Thankfully, completing the necessary forms and instructions can be easily managed on your phone. Use Passport Photo Kit to ensure that you achieve a seamless application process.

Passport Photo KitPassport Photos at Walgreens
Photo in Dept. of State Format The phone app ensures that all photos meet the US Department of State requirements. The size, background and cropping of the photograph will be correct, but staff might not be aware of other requirements.
Support from Passport Experts Our Passport Experts are here to answer any questions you have throughout the Passport Application or Renewal Process. Walgreens staff have no knowledge of the passport application or renewal process and will be unable to help.
Instructions on How To File All Passport Photo Kits come with a complete set of instructions, so you know exactly what to do every step of the way.Walgreens provides the photos but does not provide any other support or instructions.
AI and Human Review Every photo is reviewed and adjusted by AI before being reviewed by a human who is trained in the requirements for passport photos. The passport photo is taken and printed, but no other input or review is given.
Completed Paperwork Passport Photo Kit contains everything you need for your specific passport application or renewal. This even includes the addressed labels. Walgreens only provides the photo. No other documentation, instructions or envelopes are provided.