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Passport Photo Requirements

Requirements for Taking a Passport Photo

When submitting a photo for a U.S. passport, it must be a clear, color image taken within the last six months, reflecting your current appearance, with a focus on the face and no use of social media filters. Have someone else take the photo against a white or off-white background, devoid of shadows, texture, or lines. You generally cannot wear glasses, hats, or uniforms unless there are specific, verifiable medical or religious reasons, and in such cases, you will need to submit additional paperwork with your application. Ensure you reproduce skin tones accurately, expose the photo properly, and feature uniform illumination in the photo to prevent shadows.

A neutral expression with a closed mouth and open eyes is preferred. If there are significant changes in appearance due to surgery, trauma, or other alterations, a new passport may be required. Bad photos are a common reason for application holds, so adhering to guidelines is crucial. If asked to resubmit, respond by the deadline and include a copy of the letter received.

Requirements for Printing a Passport Photo

When submitting a passport photo, it is imperative to provide a high-resolution image that is clear and sharp, without any blur, graininess, or pixelation. The standard dimensions for a passport photo are 2 x 2 inches (51 x 51 mm), and within this frame, the head must measure between 1 – 1 3/8 inches (25 – 35 mm) from the chin’s bottom to the head’s top. Print the photo on either matte or glossy photo-quality paper. Do not digitally alter your appearance in any form. Additionally, the submitted photo must be in pristine condition; any photos with damages such as holes, creases, or smudges are unacceptable. Adherence to these specifications is crucial to avoid any delays or issues with the passport application process.

Getting it Right

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