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Passport Photos at CVS

Passport photo camera at a CVS  pharmacy

While some CVS locations provides a solution for those in need of passport photos, the Passport Photo Kit offers a comprehensive solution tailored specifically for the entire passport application process.

Be aware that acquiring a passport photo is only one step in the passport application or renewal process. The next step is to determine which one of the the US passport application forms applies to your specific situation. That form will need to be properly completed and then mailed in or taken to a US Passport office . Supporting documentation will need to be included, depending on your situation and fees are also specific to your needs.

Passport Photo Kit completes your passport photos and forms for you, using your phone.

Passport Photo KitPassport Photos at CVS Pharmacy
Photo The app allows you to take your passport photo. It then uses AI to properly crop and digitally remove any background. Our staff then prints the proper 2″x2″ to meet US State Department requirements. Passport photos are taken and processed at many CVS pharmacy locations.
Forms Our system determines which of the Department of State forms are required, and completes the forms for you. No passport forms provided.
Instructions Your kit includes everything you need, including detailed instructions. Passport application research required.
Support Our expert staff are here to answer any of your passport application questions. No knowledge or support for the passport application process.
Convenience Everything is done right from your phone, without ever leaving you house. You will need to determine if your CVS pharmacy location takes passport photos. There is some wait while the photo is processed.